Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can your book be purchased?

A Piano Chord Book You Can Actually Use! can be found on Amazon or Barnes and Noble Or for a black and white copy visit our Cafe Press Store.

2. Can the electronic version be downloaded?

Yes! When you complete your purchase the file will be available for download. If you leave that page before downloading we would be happy to send you the file as an attachment via email.

3. Can I request a particular video be made?

Yes! Please email me and I'd be happy to consider your video idea.

4. What is included in your Personalized Piano Instruction program?

The program includes an electronic copy of our book and regular lessons specifically directed to helping you develop your piano abilities. Also included is a once-a-month Skype, Viber, or Google Hangout session (30 min. max) which in itself is a $35 value!