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Awesome and amazing! So simple, logical and easily understood. It is truly "progressiive"! Pun intended. Also, understand the full impact of the meaning of "Inversions" ie same chord but arranged differently and affords ease of change from chord to chord. Thank you so much. Look forward to your next lesson.


Thank you for your excellent piano tutorial: as an isolated adult "late beginner", I appreciate the clarity and visual progression of your wonderfully clear and very helpful videos! Looking forward for the next ones! Keep the faith!


Best Piano tutorials channel on Youtube!!


Sir, I salute you. You explain complex ideas with such simplicity! Your lessons have inspire to start learning how to play the piano. My profound thanks to you for putting such wonderful piano lessons on You Tube. Look forward to Lesson 20 with great anticipation and eagerness!


When I bought my 1st piano (few hours ago) I thought: "I'll just find tutorial of some song and play it" And after watching it I was like WHAT THE!? and I called my friend she said to me "I know this guy he is realy great he taught me everything I know (she knows everything)" - and then she sent me your video and now I'm understanding and learning alot of things! Thank you so much! You are the best ! :)


Awesome tutorials!!!


the best one on Youtube


Great videos! There are thousands of piano videos on youtube, but these are straight and to the point. I like how you use numbers to explain some aspects of the chords. Keep it up!


Thank you for the wonderful videos they have really helped me so much God bless and keep it going!!!


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